thereal MURDEROTIC: I want to punch people who say others are too young to have sex.



I’m sorry but I do. Who are you to decide that somone else is to young? I see this thrown at people around the age 14-18. I remember beeing 14, do you? Maybe you where to young and regret it, maybe you where to young and decided not to have sex or maybe you even where 14 had sex and still feel…

I disagree. I think 14 is too young. I think you should have sex when you are able to handle to consequences of sex, and I don’t know any 14 year old who can do that. I don’t know any 14 year old who is educated enough on the matter, or any 14 year old who is emotionally ready for such a thing. Despite what people say, sex is a big deal, especially to someone so young.

I know there are plenty 14 year olds that are. Here is something I never shared with you guys since I keep my sex life very private. This is however something I think is serious and I was 14. I regret nothing even though I wasn’t deadly in love with my boyfriend, he wtill was my then best friend. I don’t know how it is where you live but where I lived we got plenty of information about everything there is to know about sex, and using protection and all different protections. I think it’s quite bad of schools if you haven’t gotten that infromation when you’re 14.

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    Exactly, it is their choice. We all know that telling fourteen-year-olds NOT to do something will almost always make...
  4. me-owth said: I wish people could understand that everyone is different… if it is too young for YOU to have sex at 14 then don’t but you aren’t every 14 year old. Scrolling down and seeing the anon rage this has gotten has me irritated.
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    Good saying!
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    I don’t think the issue when someone says you’re too young is because they’re not educated enough, or emotionally...
  7. psycopathicfreak said: it’s not the 14 yr olds choice to make either. all they worry about in their life is looking good, fitting in, fitting out, going to school, homework and being grounded. riding their bike and being a kid. I was 15 when I lost mine, but I still think it’s to young for most,…
  8. laurenmeowmeows said: i was 14 when I first had sex and i completely understood all the possible outcomes. sex is a personal thing and its not anyone elses business what age you realize youre ready at
  9. greeneyedbuffyx said: i totally agree with you there..
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    Agree with Murderotic 100%. Here (as in Europe, or at least Sweden & Holland) we get sexual education from the age of...
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    I was 14 as well. I knew how contraception worked, how to use condoms, I knew all of it. Everyone matures at different...
  13. dragonatena said: i totally agree with you! :) it could not be more true.
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    LOL because they aren’t being safe and responsible usually. I can almost guarantee it. The majority of kids that do the...
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    I don’t think 14 is too young, it really depends on the person; but then I don’t feel sex is some ‘special’, intimate...
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    i went to an all girls school and our sex ed was very limited. come to think of it i don’t even remember it being talked...
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    Well, I think that’s the problem, because where i live teachers never talk about sex, and if they do everyone laughs (i...
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    here’s how i feel about it - if they are being safe and responsible, who caaaaaares what age they are? i don’t feel like...
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    I lost my v plates at 14, I don’t regret it.
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    I don’t think it’s bad that you had sex at 14—if you were smart and educated about it, which you clearly are—I think...
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    If you feel you’re old enough for sex, you’re old enough to understand and accept the responsibility. I don’t believe...

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