Anonymous asked: Just because you can use protection, doesn't mean that protection always works.

Of course not but it doesn’t matter if youre 40 it still might not work you know. Just because a condom isn’t 100% safe doesn’t mean you should not have sex. It’s a natural and beautiful thing :)

Tuesday Mar 3 @ 10:28pm
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  1. anaestheticroom said: Taught about sex at the age of 8 by my mum, and didn’t run out and try it. How strange….
  2. apothimeno said: Pregnancy isn’t a natural and beautiful thing to a 14-year-old, though. And, I’m guessing the reason why schools don’t teach about sex earlier is because they don’t want to encourage 11-year-old kids to go ahead and try it.
  3. song-ofthe-siren said: i personally only think they’re too young if they dont know how to do it responsibly and they arent ready to handle the the possibility of an accidental pregnancy
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